4"- vinyl Application Squeegee

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Lidco 4" white squeegee for applying vinyl decals.

This application squeegee is a must have when applying transfer tape to cut vinyl to ensure that the transfer tape is pressed down onto the vinyl to make it easy to remove from the backing.

Also needed when applying vinyl graphics to the substrate as even pressure is needed to make sure that the decal doesn't have bubbles.

This Lidco product is the one of the Original application tool! Its high stability twin ribs make for easy handling and pressure control .Its strong memory ,medium flex, high glide is ideal for vinyl , Film, Graphics ,silkscreen, tape .

Size: 3"x 4"

Color: White


* Other sizes coming soon , Ante Up Graphics is a Lidco Distributor and are currently adding more of their amazing products to our inventory so stay tuned for more Lidco products..If theirs a product you wish for us to carry please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.


*Lidco is a Company that Manufactures the highest quality Squeegees and Application tools for over 40 years!