Pre-Black Friday Sale Information

Pre-Black Friday Sale Information

Nov 17th 2017

Thanks for coming to Ante Up Graphic Supply's Pre-Black Friday sale!

We decided to have our Black Friday sale this Friday so that we could enjoy time with our families and friends.

Below you will find what we have on sale and links (click the pictures) to get to each product, all conveniently located in one place so you are not looking all over the site to find what is on sale.


Hopefully this will make it super easy to find everything. First up we have...

Oracal 651 - 5ft roll on sale for $2.50 each.

Oracal 651 is by far the most popular vinyl we sell, used to make everything from glasses, tumblers, mugs, Christmas ornaments. It's also used for vehicle window decals and vehicle decals (yes it can go on the vehicle paint without causing damage).

Oracal 651 roll


Next up is a favorite of mine...

Oracal 641 - Permanent Matte Vinyl 5ft Rolls for Only $2.50 Each!

Oracal 641 series is a brand new product from Oracal - We are excited to carry it as we now have a Matte Permanent Vinyl. Available in 18 colors. You want to give a matte finish look to your projects than Oracal 641 is your best bet when looking for a permanent vinyl.

Oracal 641 matte permanent vinyl

We have lots of...

Paper Transfer Tape Rolls and Clear Transfer Tape Rolls on Sale!

If you wanted to try the paper transfer tape or the clear transfer tape, now is your chance to get it at a great price! Stop using the contact paper and other things you find laying around the house.

Transfer Tape

We just got in two NEW colors of...

Permanent Glitter Vinyl - Rose Gold and Coral Glitter!

The pictures of these don't do them justice! 

We are having the 12" x 12" sheets of the Rose Gold and Coral permanent glitter vinyl for only $2.19 each!!

People have been asking me for a Rose Gold Permanent vinyl and it is finally here!

Rose gold Coral Glitter

You're gonna love this...

Oracal 651 - All-Color Packs - That's all 63 colors including coral!!

This pack has all 63 Oracal 651 colors in 12" x 12" sheets for only $24.99 each. This breaks down to 39 cents a sheet. We have never sold them at this price and most likely never will again. 

So here is your chance to get them at crazy low price. 

Oracal 651 all color pack

We have a bunch of...

Red and Silver Glitter Heat transfer vinyl sheets on sale for only $3.99

That's a Dollar off per sheet! You can't go wrong with this deal as they are some of our most popular colors we offer. 

Siser glitter

We also have our ...

5 ft. Rolls of WebFLEX Heat Transfer Vinyl for only $9.99!!

This one is going to be a hot one. Grab these while you can. Even not on sale, we can barely keep them in stock.


Thank you so much from everyone here at Ante Up Graphics!

Black Friday FAQs!
  • Sale starts at Midnight Thursday Night and will run til Friday night at midnight.
  • All orders placed during the sale will begin shipping immediately but may take an extra couple days to ship so please be patient.
  • All regular priced orders that are placed will still ship within our guaranteed ship times. 
  • These Prices are online only - not in store. If you are local, you can place your order online and pick in store Your order will be ready to be picked up when you receive a notification email stated that it is ready.
  • Orders are pulled and shipped in the order that we receive them: Once we get to your order it will be pulled and made available to pick up. In other words, you can't cut the line just because you're local.
  • Shipping is $4.50 for first class shipping and $6 for Priority mail (the faster of the 2 options)
  • If you don't see the first class shipping option at checkout it means your order is over the weight limit for first class and won't be able to be shipped that way.