Burgundy - FDC Glitter - 12" x 12" sheet

Burgundy - FDC Glitter - 12" x 12" sheet

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               The FDC 3700 Series Ultra Metallic (Glitter) vinyl is comparable to Oracal 651 series!


FDC's Ultra metallic Burgundy Glitter Vinyl works amazing on your store front window , Yard signs , banners ,mail box. FDC Ultra Metallic Burgundy glitter will catch peoples eye and stop them in their tracks with its rich color and amazing shimmer 

 FDC's Ultra Metallic Burgundy glitter works amazing on any hard, smooth, clean surface.


Thickness: approximately 3 mil

 Outdoor durability: 5 yrs 

Adhesive : permanent 
Conform-ability: Flat , Simple Curves