Desert Taupe - FDC Glitter - 12" x 12" sheet

Desert Taupe - FDC Glitter - 12" x 12" sheet

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                           The FDC 3700 Series Ultra Metallic (Glitter) vinyl is comparable to Oracal 651 series!


FDC's Ultra metallic Desert Taupe Glitter Vinyl works amazing on your store front window , Yard signs , banners ,mail box. FDC Ultra

Metallic Desert Taupe Glitter is a shade lighter then the Gold FDC but with the amazing shimmer of the glitter and the vibrant color it will surely dazzle people and draw in a crowd !

 FDC's Ultra Metallic Desert Taupe glitter works amazing on any hard, smooth, clean surface.


Thickness: approximately 3 mil

 Outdoor durability: 5 yrs 

Adhesive : permanent 
Conform-ability: Flat , Simple Curves