WebFLEX - White - 10" x 10 yards (30 feet) Rolls

WebFLEX - White - 10" x 10 yards (30 feet) Rolls

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                                                          WebFLEX Matte Heat Transfer Vinyl

10" x 10yards (30 feet) roll of WebFLEX Matte HTV


- Clear Polyester

- 4 Mil

- Matte Finish

- 10" x 10 yard roll

                                    Application Instructions

Prior to application, preheat the garment for 10 seconds.

This flattens out wrinkles and eliminates moisture in the fabric.

Place the material into the cutter with the transfer carrier (shiny side) down. 

Cut the logo, word or numbers in the reverse (mirror image). 

Weed away excess material leaving the desired graphic on the carrier. 

Position the weeded design on the garment with the carrier side up. 

Place cover sheet or teflon sheet  over graphic. 

Apply heat for 12-15 seconds using light pressure. 

The press should be set at 330 degrees F. 

Peel the carrier while warm.

WEbFLEX does not have an adhesive backing making it possible to stack designs after being weeded. 

 Webflex is made in USA