2018 - Siser Halloween HTV pack

2018 - Siser Halloween HTV pack

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2018 Siser Halloween Heat transfer vinyl  Pack

This pack includes 1 sheet each of the following colors:

Siser Easyweed Orange soda 12"x 15"

Siser EasyWeed Lime 12" x 15"

Siser Easyweed wicked Purple 12" x 15"

Siser Glitter Copper 12" x 20" 

Siser Glitter Dark Green 12" x 20" 

Siser Glitter Purple 12" x 20"


We are calling this the 2018 Siser Halloween Pack! It include 2 NEW colors of easyweed, Wicked Purple and Orange Soda!!


Super limited!! These may take a day or two extra to ship out, chances of them not shipping on time is slim, but may happen. 


Making Halloween your own has ever been so easy, with our Halloween pack  it has all the great colors for you and your customers ,  family , and friends to enjoy!

 Siser easy-weed and siser glitter work great with all cutters!