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Heat transfer vinyl cut settings

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I have created a Heat Transfer Vinyl cut settings PDF that you can download and print out so you can reference when before making a cut. 

I have included all the Heat transfer vinyl that we sell making it quick and easy to get your cut settings right so you can get your project done quickly. 

Please remember that these cut settings can vary based on the condition of your blade and age of your machine. 

Always do a test cut before cutting your design. 

Click HERE for the downloadable PDF

HTV cut settings

How to make a large layered design in silhouette studio. Getting a large image cut ready.

This is how I cut up the image in the silhouette software for a large image of spiderman. I threw this tutorial together real quick so there may be lots of "ums" and pauses but you get the point. Let me know if you have any questions or if I wasn't clear about something. You can see all [...]

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Happy New Year!

What a great year we had!We hope that we made your year great!We had a lot going on this year and I hope that you did too!We are going to do even bigger and better things in 2018!Lets go big in 2018!Here is a quick video I made of Spider man using Oracal 651 and [...]

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Pre-Black Friday Sale Information

Thanks for coming to Ante Up Graphic Supply's Pre-Black Friday sale! We decided to have our Black Friday sale this Friday so that we could enjoy time with our families and friends. Below you will find what we have on sale and links (click the pictures) to get to each product, all conveniently located in one place [...]

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How to make a knockout design in Cricut Design Space

How to make a knockout design in cricut design space.I used Impact font because I have found that it is a nice bold font that lets you show a lot of the image on it. Also first time putting captions on a video so I hope they work well. If you have any questions please email [...]

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How to layer a decal with registration marks

Ever Wondered how to get multi colored decals to line up correctly, every time? Here is a video of a simple way to put together a multi-colored decal using registration marks. Each layer is placed together using registration marks that are placed in the same exact spot on each layer. This creates an easy way to [...]

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How to add tails to your text using the brannboll font

How to add tails to your text using the brannboll fontAdding the tail to the text is super and with the Brannboll font you have lots of options to get exactly what you want. Step 1. Type out the text that you want. Step 2. Press and hold the shift key and then type any of the [...]

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How to create knockout design in silhouette studio

Below is a video on how to create a knockout design in Silhouette studio. I use IMPACT font Step 1. Create the text that you want to use.  Convert the text to a path and the ungroup it. I then move the letters as close as I can to each other.  You can also use character spacing [...]

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Fonts! We love them and we hate them! My top 5 Fonts!

Let's talk about Fonts!We all have those go to fonts that we love to use and of course we all have fonts that we hate, but I am not gonna focus on the them.I am going to tell you my top 5  Fonts when making vinyl designs. You may know some of them already. 1. Brush Script [...]

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How to Layer Oracal 651 using registration marks.

3 colors of Oracal 651 layered on top of each other using registration marks.                                              How to layer a decal with registration marksStep 1: Apply application tape to the top layer of your decal. [...]

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