Design Placement Guide for Apparel Decorators

Published by Kyle on Oct 23rd 2019

Design Placement Guide for Apparel Decorators

by Ante Up Graphic Supply

We have found that the struggle is real when trying to figure out where to place your heat transfer designs on your t-shirts when pressing them. 

I posted in a previous blog with some recommended Heat transfer designs that I will link at the bottom. 

Here I created some guidelines that should help you successfully place images on t-shirts. 

Front of T-Shirt

The image should be 4"-6" down from the neck for adult shirts. 

Kids shirts should be placed 1.5"-3" below the neck. 

Center the design between the left and the right seams of the t-shirt. 

Back of T-Shirt

Designs on the back of the shirt should be placed around 5" from the collar center. 

Centered between the left and right seams of the shirt. 

Left Chest without Pocket on T-shirt

From the left shoulder seam, 7"-9" down and center between the center and the side seam of the shirt. 

Another way to do it and my personal preferred way to do it, is to measure 4"- 6" to the right of center.

Left Chest with a pocket

This is pretty straight forward. Center the design either directly on the pocket or above it. 

These are recommendations that we have found work well.

Take these suggestions as just that, suggestions. Please test these and find what works for you 

and adjust as you see fit and of course taking the design into consideration. 

If you have any questions about these placements please post in our Facebook group and we will get to your questions as soon as possible. You can join here: