Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Here is where you will find all of the different types of Heat transfer vinyl that we carry by type or style.

Siser EasyWeed - Our most popular heat transfer vinyl we sell, easy to cut, easy to weed. Comes in a variety of colors, 43 colors, 7 fluorescent and Glow in the dark!

With all of those color option you can't go wrong with Siser EasyWeed.

Siser EasyWeed Stretch - Thinner, matte and the thinnest material that Siser makes!

Great for performance wear, Soft to the touch and light weight! Available in 21 colors!

Siser EasyWeed Electric - One of the best heat transfer vinyl materials on the market with an amazing finish, EasyWeed Electric colors are vibrant with a pearlescent sheen. 

Available in 23 amazing colors for you to create anything you can imagine!

Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

Ante Up Graphic Supply is proud to be a Siser HTV Authorized Reseller


Ante Up Graphics Inc has 14+ varieties of Siser HTV in rolls and sheets. We're always adding new lines of Siser heat transfer vinyl so make sure you stop back and check in to see what's new!

WebFlex Heat Transfer Vinyl


WebFlex HTV is the original heat transfer vinyl, first hitting the market in 1974. What sets it apart from other brands is its ability to be sacked after weeding due to its not having an adhesive backing.

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